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Munroe Falls dental implants

Munroe Falls Dental Implants

Multiple teeth dental implants in Munroe Falls

You may be aware of the benefits of implants for replacing single teeth, but did you know that multiple teeth dental implants are also available?One of our highest priorities here at State Valley Dental is to make the most advanced treatment options available to you, our valued patient.

Traditional bridges and dentures are still around. They are serviceable options, but they are far from being like your real teeth in terms of how they feel and function. That makes sense, because your real teeth extend beneath your gums. Each one has a root that anchors your tooth into your jaw so that you can chew even the toughest and crunchiest foods. Bridges and dentures are simply surface replacements. They sit atop your gums, held in with cement or adhesive, without any underlying foundation. Our Munroe Falls dental implants are designed to correct that. And when you get them for multiple teeth, it essentially means that you are getting dentures, but ones supported by implants, so that you get the best of both forms of tooth replacement all in one structure. Instead of needing an implant for each tooth, typically only a few of our Munroe Falls dental implants are required. The denture fits snugly over it, snapping onto the dependable implants for a level of confidence that would otherwise be unattainable. Your dentures won’t need any messy adhesive, and you won’t ever have to worry that they will move around or slide on you when you speak or eat.

Are you a good candidate for our Munroe Falls dental implants? It’s simple enough to find out. Just reach out to our office to arrange an appointment for a consultation and examination. It’s the first key step in restoring your full smile and all the advantages that come along with it.

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