Munroe Falls Invisalign

Getting straighter teeth can be a smooth and pleasurable experience, because here at State Valley Dental, we proudly represent Invisalign, the system of clear plastic aligners. They’re the ideal alternative to traditional metal braces, with benefits that would have seemed impossible before Invisalign.

Your aligners remain unseen, because the appearance to anyone looking at you is that you have nothing on your teeth. You’ll never have the awkwardness of feeling self-conscious about your braces. Our Munroe Falls Invisalign is made with 3D software and advanced technology that creates the aligners at our office, without the need for an outside dental lab. Each set of aligners is calibrated to perform one part of the total job of repositioning your teeth. While with traditional metal braces, you have one set that are adjusted frequently, our Munroe Falls Invisalign do not need adjustments at all. You just wear one set of aligners for two weeks, and then take them out. Put in the next set and you’re doing perfectly. Most patients wear somewhere between 18 and 30 aligners during the course of treatment, which averages 11 months. Take out your removable aligners when you eat so that you can have all your favorite foods without any restrictions. Also take them out when you brush and floss. Except for those times, you will wear them all day and night, even while you sleep. One final important advantage is comfort. Metal braces can irritate your mouth and make it sore, but plastic will not. Best of all, you can look forward to your aligners doing as good a job, if not better, than you would expect from traditional braces, all without the drawbacks of them.

By now, you can probably figure out why our Munroe Falls Invisalign is so popular. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to find out if they’re the best choice for your needs.